The Piggy Book is a special place for kids to save money. And there are lots of ways to use it. This book can be the beginning of a lifetime of good money-management skills, and fiscal responsibility. The Piggy Book was invented to make it fun for kids to save money, and to encourage a sense of excitement about it! It will get kids thinking about money, and learning how to manage it.

Money can be almost invisible to us. It comes, it goes. Most of us don't think a lot about it. It doesn't even seem real sometimes! But having a special place to put your money, and look at it, makes it more than just an invisible piece of paper. It means something. It is special because you are giving it a special place.

When a child receives money for their birthday, from the tooth fairy, or earns an allowance, they can put it in The Piggy Book and easily see it, count it, and keep track of it! The "Piggy Ledger" page helps them to learn basic accounting, as deposits and withdrawals are tracked. This page makes kids think about their money flow-- and see in black and white what is coming in, and what is going out (and why)! When the child looks back at this page, they may begin to think about whether their choices for spending were wise, and what different and better choices they can make going forward.

The page called "What I'm Saving Up For" might seem simple at first: It is a place for kids to write down their savings goals. But this can also be a great opportunity for a discussion with them about how much things cost, what it would take to save up for them, and how they can decide what is worth working hard for. This is the jumping-off point for them to get motivated to save, and the excitement could inspire them for years to come! This page invites you and your children to explore and imagine together all the goals they would like to achieve by saving money.

The Piggy Book's mission is to get kids excited about saving money, and build financial literacy skills that will last a lifetime. It comes with a responsibility that they will embrace even at a young age-- enjoying earning, saving, handling money, and watching it fill their book, as well as making wise choices about how they will spend it.

Recently, one grandparent purchased two Piggy Books for her granddaughters, who sleep over her house quite often. She gave them the books, and told them that every week, when they come to stay with her, they can help her with chores and earn a dollar to put in their book. They were both very excited to help out and earn money to put it in their own Piggy Books. The Piggy Book is a fun and inspirational tool that can solidify the financial lessons that you have already begun to impart to the kids in your life!