Our Mission - Financial Literacy

The Piggy Book's mission is to get kids excited about saving money, and to build financial literacy skills that will last a lifetime. We want kids to understand the value of money, and what it takes to save it up and spend it wisely. Kids will learn to keep track of their money and build money management skills they can use throughout their life!

But we're not the only ones helping them build these fundamental skills!

Financial Literacy has become a topic of top priority in America, with many organizations developing educational programs, offering support, and striving to help people--especially young students--to master the basics of personal finance.


Below, you'll find a collection of additional resources regarding financial literacy, and we hope it will deepen your understanding of this vital issue. The articles and stories on this page underscore the importance of our mission to help kids build financial skills and understanding that will prepare them to deal responsibly and intelligently with financial decisions throughout their entire life!